How to Get LIC of India Policy Details Online

Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is an Indian insurance group and investment company which is state-owned. It is grossed to be the largest insurance company in India with an approximate asset worth more than 1.5 crores.

Financial Services in India are mostly linked with this corporation. The various products of LIC include Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Investment Management, Mutual Funds, etc. Apart from this, the company also considers Housing finance, Pension funds, Card services. The LIC of India also claims to provide plans which give protection to the insured at affordable costs.

Why is Checking the LIC Policy Details Necessary?

People buy these policies to ensure a convenient future. Although, keeping a check on LIC policy status details saves one from wastage of their hard-earned money and also unnecessary run around. Due to the constraints of time and simple negligence, people often forget to keep an eye on their policy status which in turn results in non-payment of premium and thus leads to wastage of money.

Missing out a premium leads to its expiration, which further leads to paying extra money for its renewal. Therefore, to prevent this unnecessary tussle, one much always keep a check on the LIC policy status.

Many individuals forget to keep checking their LIC policy details. To ensure optimal results, one needs to keep a regular tab on the status of this policy, once the policy is lapsed, it’s futile.

For the convenience of its customers, Life Insurance Corporation provides the luxury of checking the LIC policy status at their own home. The hours-long trip to an office is cut short to a few minutes. More importantly, one can now regularly check these details and stay updated about the new incentives and premiums online.

How to Access the LIC Policy Status Details

For encountering the LIC policy details, new customers are advised to fill out a registration form which is available on the official portal of LIC, by filling in their details, policy number, premium amount, date of birth, email ID, etc. After receiving an auto-responder email, the policyholder will be able to access everything related to the policy, its status, premium due amount, maturity calendar and other details.

Individuals can check their LIC policy status details online in just a few simple steps, by logging in to the online portal of the Life Insurance Corporation and log in with their credentials. To track the LIC policy status, the below-mentioned steps need to be followed;

  • Open the official LIC of India website.
  • Click on the tab which reads Online Services.
  • Once redirected to the login page, choose the registered user option and enter the policy holder’s credentials and click on ‘Go’ to initiate the session.
  • A page which contains the list of policy tools will be seen for registered customers.
  • From the list of these options, View Enrolled Policies needs to be clicked.
  • Once redirected to the page where all the enrolled policies along with the premium amount, enrollment date, and vested bonus can be seen, one can see their poly status by clicking on the policy number.

How to Register Online for Accessing LIC Policy Details

For new users, they can visit the e-services on LIC’s home page to register themselves. A first-time user needs to fill out an online registration form and choose the login credentials for themselves.

Once the LIC online registration process is successful, the user receives an email confirming the registration from that specific email id. Further, the user is required to click on the URL which has been provided in the email which has been received. This URL redirects to a page which would help the user to link his policy with the user account.

The information regarding the policy or policies need to be entered, these include, the LIC policy details like the policy number, date of birth of the policyholder, premium amount, etc. Then, after the submit button has been clicked, the policyholder will be able to access his account at his own accord online by just filling the user credentials.

All in all, one needs to timely check the LIC policy details. To get a complete picture and understanding the different methods to encounter these details, one could also contact 24*7 online help support or customer support to get an insight of why this is recommended.

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