What does Bear Grylls have to say about Travel Insurance?

“Courage, focus and darned good insurance.”-Bear Grylls

This is not it that Bear Grylls have to say about travel insurance. So, you are going backpacking. While you might not plan to become marooned in Outer Siberia, or aim to draw a 127 Hours kind of stunt in a tapered ridge, it is better to know that should it has to come down to it, you will have your base covered. Below, we have detailed what does survival expert, Bear Grylls suggests about travel insurance, its requirements and its needs be3fore you head out into the
wild with just your rucksack on your back.

No pressure to risk safety

In an interview to ‘The Telegraph’, Bear said, ‘I do not feel any pressure. It is not at all like this. When I first met the director of ‘Man v Wild’, he said, “You will only do one series of the show”- either due to the death of someone from the crew, or people might get bored of watching one individual on screen. I agreed, but luckily folks have not got bored, and then, of course, the reason that no-one died. This was also the reason we certainly not get contented.’

Bear, doing all the work risks his life by looking for another way down the waterfall, down the cliff, or across the river. He says celebs could breathe their last breath on his survival

Sometimes Life Gets in Danger

It is totally your responsibility to make sure that you are insured adequately. Grylls strongly recommend taking out travel insurance that must consist of cover against illness or accident. He says, you will never want those moments, and when we come out and nothing goes wrong, it is always a big tick in the box. However, you cannot deny the fact that the wild is unpredictable, calamity does happen, and it is always when you least expect it. It is always fine when I do some big climb down a rampant waterfall in the forest, and everyone is on it and you are completely focused. But it is when you are tired, and sooner or later, when the light fades, and you navigate a narrow trail that you have been scurrying along all the day- and suddenly someone slips. So, in order to make a back-up for all such catastrophe, you must get your lives insured.

Attitude towards Safety and Health

Grylls says that they have paid no attention to safety and health. A lot of American TV hosts put up questions and say, “Bear, between me and you, how do you escape with doing what you are doing?” If I seek a gentle incline, I am tied up like a turkey with entire body harness and hood!” He further added, “I remember the day when Will Ferrell came along with us, and his insurance agent asked us if there was a guarantee that he would be safe, and I was on call saying: ‘Well,
no, it is the wild, and in the wild is unpredictable and stuff happens here.’

Travel insurance exists to safeguard you and your family and dependents from the slings and arrows of catastrophe: illness, injury, demise etc.

He narrated an incidence to some travel website, in the year 2010. Bear airlifted off the mountains. He had some problem while he was filming the new season of his renowned show Man vs. Wild. Though the escort has had a few close calls in the times of yore be it crocodile coming face to face, braving icy and frigid waters, falling freely out of the jet, it was an associate of his own troop that almost did him in.

Grylls told that he was sliding down a mountain when his cameraman, trailing behind him, was briefly unsighted by the snow. The cameraman lost control and unintentionally smashed his camera into Grylls’ leg. Both, the cameraman and Grylls had to be expatriated off the mountain by the helicopter.

“It was a wake-up call,” he said to the news source. “You have just got to elucidate every time. You live in jeopardy and you get apathetic and just cannot do that.”

The ones who take on similar stunts in the remote regions must be sure that they hold a travel insurance policy that will permit for an emergency evacuation in case of a calamity.

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