How To Solve E- Filing Income Tax Problem Online?

The common most problem one faces while e-filing income tax is the absence of an instructor/officer who can give advice on which files one should download and where from. This is a very complicated situation, especially for people who are trying to pay income tax for the first time.

In India, you need to visit the e-filing income tax website, authorized by the Income Tax Department, Government of India at

The online tax e-filing website is so full of forms and options that it may confuse anyone at


the first look. Here is what it looks like.

To help you feel more confident about the navigation, we will guide you with the process involved.
Click on the “List of Income Tax Return and Forms available for e-Filing” option at the top left corner. It will open a list of 7 income tax return form. And below that form, there is a list of 85 income tax paying form.


So, if you are looking for an e-service regarding “tax return” you must collect one on those 7 forms, the one that is appropriate for you. As you can see, only category 1 and 4 are the online tax e-filing form; whereas, the rest 5 are offline forms. It means you have to collect them from income tax office.

The forms given are of different services, reports, certificates, and application types. You can read the available reports for a better understanding of income tax procedure. This list is prepared for your better understanding. You can make a quick scroll down and decide which one you need.

How to solve e- filing income tax problems online?

Let us now go through the actual process of problems you can face while thee-filing of your income tax and how to get it rectified. Basically, you won’t face any problem to e-file income tax if you have understood the online services clearly.

In the uploaded Image 1, do you see the list of options starting from “Link Aadhaar” to “Check Refund Dispatch Status”?


The website of “Income Tax Department, Government of India” is not a one stop solution platform. Clicking on several service buttons will lead you to several forms and sometime to different websites providing that service.

You can also use the tax calculator to have an estimate of how much tax you are going to pay. This will lead you to another website. However, it is safe and you can calculate your taxes from that site.
If you want to e-file your income tax directly, click on e-Pay Tax option. This will also lead you to another secured web site. If you are sure how much tax and for which purpose you are going to pay, you can do it through that website.

If you file an application for income tax return, click on that option and you will get a form. You must be registered with income tax office. It will ask for your user ID, password and the given captcha code.


If you are not registered, you can do it instantly by clicking on the “Register” option beside “New Users?” icon.

Once you are done with your login and online tax e-filing, you can submit your file for income tax returns by clicking on the next option below “Submit Returns/Forms”. Again, it will ask for your User ID and Password.

NOTE: You can verify if your tax return has been submitted or not, by clicking on the “e-Verify Return” option going through the same process of login.

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