Why E-filling Income Tax is Your Instant Savior

To justify your annual income and to maintain a good rapport with the income tax department, filing tax returns on time is the legitimate way. By doing so, you can avoid falling afoul of the Tax Department and are less likely to receive a notice. Section 139(1) of Income Tax Act 1961 states that, if an individual’s overall annual income goes beyond the sum limit that is admissible under non-taxable income, s/he needs to file ITR or income tax return. And there is no better or convenient way of filling your tax than online tax filing.

Online income tax filing is the most effortless and hassle-free process where you can execute the process at your comfort. You aren’t required to visit the IT office. In order to save time, now-a-days people prefer to e file taxes. The maximum you are required to do is register yourself on the official website of the Income Tax department or other associated websites before the due date arrives.

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E-filling Income Tax: Why is it Necessary for Taxpayer?

It is a must for all earners to provide valid proof of their income, and paying income tax or filing ITR is the only way to prove the same. Well, being taxpayer has its own perks. For instance, if you are willing to take up a housing, education or vehicle loan, you will have to provide the ITR proof that you file yearly. Without this, your loan will not be sanctioned from the bank. Similarly, the other benefits include:

  • Income tax e file return is important at the time you apply for a VISA.
  • With a legitimate ITR proof, one can immediately register for an immovable property.
  • It is helpful at the time of applying for a credit card. With a bad IT record, banks may be unwilling to issue a credit card to you.
  • By filling income tax on time, you can establish a good relationship and rapport with Income Tax departments and their records.
  • Online tax filing is the fastest process, especially in case there is any refund, the process is prompter than a physical or paper-based filing system.
  • One can file a tax return with fewer errors as online e filing software works through a built-in validation system to minimize the errors.
  • It is the most convenient way to file your tax return with 24×7 services.
  • Confidentiality is being maintained through the online process because your data is not accessible to anyone but you only. During paper filling your confidential information may be misused by someone. But this is not possible in the online process.
  • You can access your past data as well. The online software stores data in securely and one can access their previous returns anytime.
  • Individuals who are not internet savvy or conversant can E file taxes as it is a user-friendly and informed process which makes it easy.

Step-wise Process of E-filling Income Tax

The income tax department is constantly attempting to improve the tax filing process so that taxpayers face no hassles; hence, they introduced the online process to pay taxes. Usually, there are two ways to file income tax returns online. One is, download the required form from the official website of the tax department, fill it with the relevant details, save the details, generate an XML file and lastly upload it.

The second option is to fill the relevant data online in a form available online and submit it. Any ITR applicable to the individual can be filled by this e-filing method whereas e-filing online method is an alternative where only ITR 1 and ITR 4 can be filled.

This e-filing method can be used to file any ITR applicable to individuals whereas e-filing totally online method is available as an alternative only for filing ITR 1 and ITR 4. Let’s check the simple steps of income tax e file:

  • Here Goes the First Step: Visit the official website www(dot)incometaxindiaefiling(dot)gov(dot)in
  • Downloading is the Next Step: Download the choice of your application from the categories in which your income falls and the return to be filed. You can download the form either in excel or java format. You can access the ITR forms under the “Downloads” tab mentioned on the official website.
  • Preparing for the Return: Next step is to prepare the return by submitting all the required details. The red colored tabs are to be filled mandatorily and the taxpayer needs to enter the data in green cells. Moreover, some system calculated data based on your information will be automatically picked up. Don’t miss the validate button once you’re done.
  • When You Enter the Final Phase: After entering all relevant information, the next step is to generate an XML version of your return. To do so, click on ‘Generate XML’ button available on the website. First, open the XML file generated and double check the provided information.
  • Upload Return Application: As you’ve reached the final stage, visit the official website again so that you can upload and file a return. In case of a new taxpayer, click on the register button and get registered by providing necessary information. Ensure you’ve mentioned the email id and phone number correctly. If you’re already a member, then click on ‘registered user’ and follow the instructions. Once your return is uploaded, you should verify it by using Aadhaar OTP, electronic verification code or sending the acknowledgment copy duly signed by you to CPC, Bangaluru. You can also verify your return by visiting ‘My account’ tab followed by selecting ‘e-verify’ button.


Filling income tax return is as important as breathing. It is the only way to justify one’s income, which is counted as white money in India. And paying your tax related dues online is the most preferred and wise decision!

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